Wall Graphics Info Center

What kind of materials do you use for wall graphics and decals?
Wall graphics are printed on either an indoor or outdoor adhesive backed wall vinyl. High quality is priority at Zarvox, so we print at high resolution on top quality vinyl materials that are manufactured by the best brands on the market such as 3M, Avery, and Oracal.

How long will my wall graphics last?
Wall graphics installed indoors have a durability of 5 years or more. They can easily last as long as wallpaper if not tampered with, and their longevity will increase based on the care taken to prevent wear. If the graphics are outdoors on a smooth painted surface they typically last 3-5 years, depending on sun and weather exposure. Graphics placed on a textured outdoor wall will last approximately 6 months to 1 year with lamination.

How much do you charge for wall graphics?
Pricing for wall graphics is dependent upon the design including size, material chosen and where you are placing the graphics (indoors or outdoors). You can choose the selections that are right for your project on our wall graphics page https://zarvox.com/wall-graphics/ and get an immediate custom quote.

Can wall decals stick to textured walls?
Yes, we have a high tack permanent vinyl that is designed for indoor use on either smooth or very light textured indoor walls. We also have a vinyl material with an adhesive made for textured outdoor walls such as brick, cement block or stucco.

Will wall decals damage the paint on my walls?
It depends on the material and adhesive used, if you intend on removing your wall graphics, we recommend our removable wall mural. The vinyl used is designed for indoor use on smooth walls and allows for easy removability without damaging paint.

Can you make my logo into a wall decal?
Yes, we are able to create a custom decal of your logo. When it comes to custom logo decals please send us a vector file (.ai or .eps) and the approximate size desired so that we can quote accurately. This is because detailed, narrow or complex shapes will take much longer to prepare than a logo with a simple shape such as a rectangle or circle. If you do not have a vector logo file please email info@zarvox.com and we can help create a high quality vector logo for your business.

Can you make a wall decal that matches the pantone colors in my logo?
Yes, we use the Pantone Matching System (PMS). This is a standardized color system that allows printers to have a matching guide when printing. Using this system we can print using process colors, also known as CMYK, to accurately match the Pantone colors in your design. CMYK is the standard color model in printing and refers to the four inks used: cyan, magenta, yellow and key (black). Full color graphics are produced by using a mixture of cyan, magenta, yellow and black ink.

Do you provide installation for wall graphics?
Yes, if you are located within San Diego County we offer professional installation services for your wall graphics.

Are canvas prints ready to hang?
Yes, our .75” thick and 1.5” thick gallery wraps are ready to be hanged as is with no hardware needed. Canvas prints may require hardware depending upon your display.

What kind of artwork files do you accept?
We accept .jpg, .png, .gif, .pdf, .psd, .ai and .eps files. Zarvox will digitally print at 1440×720 DPI on vinyl and other materials. For the best print results, we ask that you provide us with a vector version of your art in adobe illustrator (.ai or .eps file). If you only have raster images (.jpg, .png, .gif, .pdf, .psd) please send the highest quality you have available.

What quality or resolution does my artwork need to be for a wall mural or graphic?
For the best print results, we ask that you provide us with a vector version of your art in adobe illustrator (.ai or .eps file). If you only have raster images (.jpg, .png, .gif, .pdf, .psd) please send the highest quality you have available.

Can you help me design a wall graphic?
Yes, we can help with your wall graphic design. Typically this process involves a phone conversation to discuss your vision. We then give you a wall graphic design based on our conversation, and allow for two minor revisions to this initial design. If you are within San Diego County we also offer site survey services in which we will come to you and take measurements and pictures of the site, as well as provide consultation for your project. Please email info@zarvox.com and we will provide a custom quote for your project.

Can I see a proof before placing my wall graphics order?
Yes, prior to printing your wall graphics we will send you a digital proof for approval.

What is the turnaround time for wall graphics? Do you offer a rush service?
In most cases from the day that you approve the digital proof of your car graphics your order will ship within 5 business days. Orders ship from our San Diego, CA production facility. If you require your project earlier please email info@zarvox.com prior to ordering and we will do our best to work within your timeline.